While I feel very fortunate to be able to make a living doing what I love, I am well aware some of us aren't as lucky. That's why I decided to start ROAD…

What is ROAD?
ROAD is an outlet where I intend to provide full service for whoever commits to a common good, needs design work but can't afford it.

Who can apply?
Needless to say this deal isn't for everyone. I'm not looking to offer free service to companies trying to save a penny. There are a couple of conditions I need to see fulfilled in order for you to be eligible. I will work for free if you do too and if whatever you do makes the world a better place. So whether you volunteer at an animal shelter, work with underpriviliged children or organize a charity event… if you feel that what you do could benefit from a professional visual identity, I will work with you to discover what you need and put you on a road to a brighter future.

How does it work?
Just mail me at info@rikgrafiek.be! Outline what you do, what your goals are, what branding needs you have and why you think I could be the one to help you out. I will select one cause from the applications and give it my undivided attention and passion.

Hope to talk soon!
Since starting ROAD I've been fortunate to work with these incredible people!
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