RikGrafiek is my moniker, the one-man creative powerhouse known to most as 
Rik Staesens, an independent multi-disciplinary graphic designer from Gent, Belgium.
Providing start-ups and small businesses with an contemporary graphic identity is what I enjoy the most. I specialize in logo design, identity design, editorial design and creative photo retouching... I'm a lover of all things printed and paper is my friend. Also, I like this quote:

"The details are not the details. They make the design." - Charles Eames
Nice one, Charles!


Gooood, 2015
Brandcetera, 2014
Gestalten Creative Pool, 2014
Good Idea 3, High Tone Books, 2014
Belgian Graphic Design, 2014
Branding Served
We And The Color, 2013
Gestalten Creative Pool, 2013
Industry & Interest, 2013
Belgian Graphic Design, 2013
Visual Cache, 2013
Het Nieuwsblad, 2013
Belgian Graphic Design, 2011
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